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Supporting Art in Touch will provide our initiatives with stable funding and help make a change.



Join us to deliver masks and other PPEs to the front-liners of today’s crisis!

Thanks for submitting!


A big thank you to all of our donors!

Kirsten Flaherty

Jinzhao Hou

Rui Zeng

Shin Yu Liu

En Zhang

Marnie Pillsbury

Fang Xu

Joel Morrison

Ruifen Zhou

Ying Zhou

Filippo Valsorda

Leon Neyfakh

Lauren Yee

Sandy Shen

Jianling Huang

Pavel Samsonov

Matthew Cobb

Mark Zittman

Paul Ford

Livia Gao

Liz Li

Mark Dorrance

Renqian Yang

Tina Ye

Sean Kelly

Lilian Sang

Alina Yijia Yang

Xuhui Zhang

David Shen

Yan Lin

Michael Caruana

Lingling Zou

Jane Friedhoff

Xueping Qian

Eric Allouche

Maryna Asipchuk

Camilla Velasquez

Dennis Perez

Andy Yeung

Adriano Valeri

Liam Miller

Yuner Zhu

Cheng Ju

Yuan Wang

Eugenie Tsai

Joe Baptista

Megan Cain

Michelle Christenson

Catherine Kim

Paul Anid

Beth Ganz

Monica Santoro

John Yale

Mary Lynn

Qiao Zhou

Mayu Yabe-Barry

Eiko Tamaki

Tomoi Zeimer

Jonathan Turingan

The Imagine Society

Michael Huang


Working with N95forNYC reintroduces me to collective purpose and reminded me how important it is to help others in need. I had forgotten about the importance of altruism. Now we are figuring out how to change our business so we can continue to help.

Noah Fisk (Owner of Fisk Fine Art Services)

Corporate initiative

Join us as a corporate sponsor to donate PPE to medical professionals or communities who need our helps the most!



Individuals work in the frontline can fill out request forms, then we will verify the information and work with volunteer drivers to deliver the PPE or ask requesters to pick up the gears.

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