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Giving a hand during the pandemic.

Art in Touch donates and delivers

protective gears and flowers in New York.


Our latest projects

N95 for NYC

As the COVID-19 crisis escalates in New York City, hospital staff and other frontline professionals are facing severe shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE), as there is a supply shortage not only in the domestic market, but also globally.

The lack of proper PPE would pose great risk to the medical workers and patients alike. To protect our medical workers is to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our community.

To date, Art in Touch has donated a high volume of protective gear to 52 hospitals in New York.


health workers received help


protective gears donated


protective coveralls donated



Individuals work in the frontline can fill out request forms, then we will verify the information and work with volunteer drivers to deliver the PPE or ask requesters to pick up the gears.

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